Dear Parents,

Welcome to Claremont! We value our personal relationship with each individual student and it is always special to meet their parents and family. We look forward to seeing you again or meeting you for the first time.

Yossi & Rochel
Family Shabbat Dinner
When: Fri. Feb. 15 - 5:30PM
Where: The Hampton Room, Scripps College
Reservations appreciated, please fill out this form.
We look forward to meeting you. If Shabbat dinner doesn't work or you're coming another weekend email us to set up an other time to meet. -Yossi and Rochel
Kosher in Claremont
In order to make your stay most enjoyable, we are happy to provide Kosher meals upon request. The meals are strictly Kosher and under Rabbinical supervision. Please contact us for more info. (Advance notice is appreciated)